5 Best Practices to Increase Webflow Ecommerce Order Value

Andrew Bass
March 18, 2022
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5 Best Practices to Increase Webflow Ecommerce Order Value

E-commerce has been a fast-booming industry over the past decades. According to Statista, eCommerce moved steadily upwards from just $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $3.5 trillion in 2019. Future projections show more profound growth as experts say the industry will reach $6.5 trillion by 2023.

Many of these stats are way before the COVID-19 pandemic. Online retailers gained an extra $107 billion in sales in just the first two quarters of 2020.

Businesses and customers alike enjoy several benefits from eCommerce, and it will likely spill into the foreseeable future. A study in April of 2020 found out that about 24% of customers don't feel safe going to shopping malls and would rather stay indoors until the pandemic is over.

If you are thinking of starting an eCommerce business or already using one, this would be the perfect time to enhance your sales with effective online marketing. We'll tell you how to boost your Webflow eCommerce order value and achieve your digital dreams.

1. Deal with Cart Abandonment

Baymard Institute statistics on cart abandonment rate shows that on average, 69.5% of online shoppers will leave several items in their cart without making any purchases. It means you may not be closing more deals even with a high visitor rate.

You can deal with this effectively by eliminating the reasons customers abandon carts. Several eCommerce stores face these two common issues that result in visitors leaving items on carts:

  • High prices: Most online shoppers will add items to a cart on multiple shopping sites and then compare prices. They will always choose the site with the lowest price or the best deals, such as gifts.
  • High shipping costs: Online shopping means the customer will also pay for the shipping fees. It is common to abandon shopping carts if they feel the order prices for shipping are too high.

The best way to combat cart abandonment due to high costs is to ensure you offer competitive pricing. Evaluate the competition and develop proper pricing to entice customers. You can also offer coupon codes and special discounts to make your items affordable.

Email marketing and timed popups with free shipping offer another great way to deal with cart abandonment. Send time popups with count down until the offer expires to help create a sense of urgency. Online customers only require a little extra push to purchase from your store as they already know it and have items to get in mind.

2. Offer Your Customers Coupons as Incentives

It would be best to have options that allow your online customer to pay less. Everyone loves discounts, and they will purchase more. Top-rated eCommerce sites use coupons to enhance their conversion rates. Coupons are a great incentive to get your shoppers to make fast decisions and take more action on your site.

Start by creating awareness that your customers will receive coupons on purchase. Post the information on social media sites or send it to your email listing. Effective communication prompts shoppers to share their products with their friends and generate more leads.

4. Increase Cart Value with Upsells

Upsells are an effective way for eCommerce sites to gain more revenue from their existing customers. And it is an effective way to increase webflow ecommerce order value. It allows you to automatically display any targeted offers to existing customers and encourage them to spend more. It is easier to sell loyal customers than to invest in acquiring new ones. 

You can use upsell in two effective ways. They are:

  • Upsell based on product category: These upsells don't require special customization. It involves recommending users to similar products they view or buy from your site. Product categories are essential for your shoppers to compare several similar items and get the best to suit their needs.
  • Upsell based on bestselling products: bestselling and popular items in your shop means many people use them. Customers may find them helpful as they are the trending products in a region, season, or Fashion. Place your bestselling items on the homepage and label them as trending or hot products.

5. Offer Live Chat

Not all customers who land on the checkout page will complete the process. These customers may require further details before providing their card information to pay for the items they wish to buy.

One way to improve you webflow e-commerce order value, is to provide live chat and answer any questions regarding order time and payment methods. Ensure that your customer care desk is always ready to offer prompt support.

6. Enhance Trust with a Secure Checkout Experience

Trust is important when you want to acquire and retain online shoppers. Earn your customers' trust by showing them you are keeping all their information safe. Data breaches are rising, and customers understand the repercussions of losing their banking details to hackers. It is always easier to maintain your customer trust than to rebuild it later after a breach.

The best ways to boost your data security are:

Get an SSL certificate for the website store

Apart from maximized security, SSL certificates will boost your Google ranking. There are several SSL certificates online with varying prices. Always check with the website provider if they already have an SSL certificate. Webflow provides secure websites as a paid add-on that you can use effectively.

Offer multiple payment methods via third parties

Even with an effective SSL certificate, it may not be feasible for all businesses. You can rely on third-party eCommerce solutions to make your checkout experience secure and effortless.

Equally important, accept various secure payment options like PayPal and Stripe to enable customers to make purchases without sharing personal details with you. You will enjoy various payment methods that offer your customer multiple options making it more accessible payment for your target audience by using Webflow.

Convert More E-commerce Customers with Upsells and Cross-Sells

Running a successful online business can be challenging. With these five best practices, you can enhance your Webflow eCommerce order value and grow your business.

With Flow Phantom, you enjoy seamless integration with Webflow. You can use it to create customized upsells and cross-sells to include in your buyers' journey.

Try Flow Phantom for free to see how easy it is to begin designing upsells on Webflow.

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