The best way to create Webflow Ecommerce upsells and cross sells

Flow Phantom’s tight integration with Webflow allows you to build bespoke upsells and cross sells right in the normal flow of the shopper’s journey. Combined with Flow Phantom’s ability to configure when, where, and what products to show you have the power to create tasteful upsells and cross sells that increase your revenue a build a relationships with customers.

Design the offer in Webflow.

Create your upsells and cross-sell offers with the full power of the Webflow designer. Just build your offer inside a products collection list. Once live Flow Phantom will swap out all the bound elements to the product being offered.

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Bespoke, native feeling offers

Upsells and cross sells convert better when they match the design of the store.

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Full control of page location

Strategically place offers along the shopping journey.

Designing in Webflow example
An example of deciding when to offer the upsell.

Decide when to show

Offers can show on page load or on specific customer actions, such as when adding to the cart or post purchase. In the Flow Phantom dashboard just select the customer actions that trigger a specific offer.

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Capture buying intent

Upsells and cross-sells convert better when shown to a customer who displays buying intent.

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Streamline the shoppers journey

Reduce friction of searching for additional products.

Decide what to show

Offer relevant upsells and cross-sell that will delight your customers - not frustrate them.

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Offers based on the items in the shopper's cart

Upsells and cross-sells that are relevant convert better than generic offers.

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Offers ranked by priority

In the scenario of overlapping offers the highest priority one is displayed.

Example of decided what product to upsell

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