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How it Works

Designing in Webflow example

Design in Webflow

Use native Webflow elements and animations to design your offers.

An example of deciding when to offer the upsell.

Decide when to offer

Increase revenue by displaying upsells and cross sells at strategic points in the buyer's journey.

Example of decided what product to upsell

Decide what to offer

Delight customers by offering targeted product suggestions.

“Upselling is a must have e-commerce feature. We chose Flow Phantom because the tight integration allowed us to build the upsell solution we wanted. Our customer’s online store went from $1000s of dollars a month to $100,000s of dollars a month - and part of that increase is thanks to Flow Phantom.”
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BFF Design

Upsells & cross-sells built with Flow Phantom

Design and implement tasteful upsells and cross-sells that fit seamlessly within the flow of your store.

Athletic wear upsell exampleOffer example 2.


Does Flow Phantom work with other Ecommerce solutions such as Shopify and Foxycart?
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Currently Flow Phantom only integrates with Webflow Ecommerce, but is considering integrating with other solutions. Email if you want to learn more.

Does Flow Phantom limit upsells?
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No! On the free and paid plan you have unlimited upsells and cross-sells.

If I have a custom design can I get support?
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Absolutely! Email and we will schedule a time to talk!

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